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Mineral Projects

The Norasa Project includes the wholly owned Valencia project (ML 149) which has a 25-year mining licence. In addition, the Company has a 100% interest in Dunefield Mining Company (Pty) Ltd.’s Namibplaas project (EPL 3638), which is located 7.5 km north east of Valencia.

project location

Namibia as a Uranium Producer

Namibia has been a significant producer of uranium for nearly 40 years since Rio Tinto’s Rössing mine commenced operations in 1976 and was later joined joined by Paladin’s Langer Heinrich deposit. In 2022, Namibia was third largest producer of uranium in the world surpassed only by Kazakhstan and Canada.(see bar chart below).

Namibia is 3rd largest producer on 2022

WNA Nuclear Fuel Report September 2023

The Namibian Government is very supportive of the growth of its nuclear industry and would like to play a major role in the future supply of U3O8, but more importantly, meeting the growing worldwide requirements.

  • Pro- business, stable democracy
  • Fair and balanced tax code
  • Metals: uranium, gold, diamonds, zinc copper and lead
Permit Summary
Permit Issued By
1. Mining Licence (ML149) Ministry of Mines and Energy
2. Accessory Works Ministry of Mines and Energy
3. Environmental Clearance – Valencia Village Ministry of Environment and Tourism
4. Environmental Clearance Ministry of Environment and Tourism
5. Petroleum Consumer Installation Ministry of Mines and Energy
6. Desalination Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Energy


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